In these thirty days of experiencing and responding to life, you’ll practise embodying a way of being where we meet our days and ourselves as if we’re showing up to it for the first time.

When we’re feeling disconnected, distracted, lacking inspiration and motivation, or just going through the motions. This is a refresh. It’s a reset. A reminder of what it means to be human.

You’ll receive a digital book that's filled with short, simple, and oh-so-sweet daily practices, prompts, exercises, meditations, and playlists.You can start your 30 days of slow living on any day of the week and any month you fancy. It’s yours to keep forever, designed for you to return back to whenever you like and can be used digitally for convenience, or printed out. 
We are all more than aware that time is a luxury, and long super complex routines are not what I’m about. So, each day only needs five to fifteen minutes of your time to offer you a fresh and mindful way of being.

In Conversation With Life is structured as follows: 

Week 1 – Quiet Joy
Week 2 – Quiet Rebellion
Week 3 – Quiet Healing
Week 4 – Quiet Revolution 
Closing Days - Integrate + Reflect

What You’ll Receive:

⁃ A beautifully designed PDF book with 30 days of slow living prompts and exercises
⁃ x2 audio meditations and practices
⁃ x4 weekly Spotify playlists

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or looking for more community & inspiration during the month?

Join me for Repose. These digital group classes are a space to ask me any questions that come up and also connect to other like-minded folk, doing the same work. It's where we gather for monthly maintenance to sit with the feelings, thoughts and questions that you're moving through.


Reached the end of your 30 days?

OR, if you want to work together on any specific areas of your life that you'd like some guidance or support on then let's chat it over in a one to one session. A supportive space to reflect on the big feelings and questions that life brings up, make peace with what's here and feel into what you want next.

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