The Philosophy of Doing Less, Being Present, and Feeling More aims to democratise joy, healing and reflection as an antidote to distracted and disconnected living. 

In her work, Giselle explores how we can find quiet joy in everyday experiences, practise quiet rebellion by resisting productivity culture and centre quiet healing without the burden of perfection. So we can work towards a quiet revolution where we slow down for long enough to remember what it means to be human and create meaningful social change. 

She expresses this by facilitating therapeutic moments through art installations, writing, talks, collaborations, group classes and her book Take It In.



My Story

I’m not at all interested in the feverish pursuit of purpose-hunting, but what I do find intriguing is how small moments in our lives can lead to where we are today. Throughout my life, there have been two things that have guided my decisions, the first is my adoration for words and the second is my curiosity about the human experience. Even when I didn’t know why I was making seemingly random choices, like nearly studying to become a forensic psychologist or writing about the lives of women in wartime Britain. My things (words and humans) were always there. They were there when I started my fashion degree which kickstarted a 13-year journey working in creative and cultural industries. From London to New York City, I was fascinated not by fashion and beauty itself, but the philosophical, social, cultural and historical context of it all. Working in museum collections, archives, fashion brands and magazines, I got to both write and relate it to what it means to be human. 

Sadly, it took a toll working in an industry that is a darling of capitalism and fuelled on overworking, microaggressions and just silly behaviour. I lost myself and gained constant panic attacks. But my spiritual and wellbeing practices reminded me that there was more to life and led to my next steps. As a spiritual guide and workshop facilitator, I worked with nearly a thousand people spanning the breadth from 18 months old to 80 years old, from London to Bahrain, Melbourne to Toronto and Mumbai to Krugersdorp. After shifting out of one-to-one sessions in 2022, I feel very blessed that the two loves that have guided all of my decisions, have found a beautiful meeting place. My romance with words now exists in my writing, through my book, newsletter and word-based art, as well as in my speaking, through repose, talks and meditations. All in service of The Philosophy of Doing Less, Being Present and Feeling More; where my deep curiosity for what it means to be human lives. 


Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness & Meditation
Dr David Treleaven, PhD - Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Meditation Teacher Training DipBSoM
British School of Meditation

Meditation for Children
British School of Meditation

Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing Perspectives

Mental Health First Aider
Mental Health First Aid England 

Psychological First Aid
The National Center for Child Traumatic Stress

Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki Academy London

Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner
Dr Linda Howe

BA Fashion Journalism
University of The Arts London, London College of Fashion

MA Visual Culture: Costume Studies
New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

5 years client-informed practice
ancestral healing lineage
11 year meditation practice
17 year manifesting experience
previous teacher for Reiki I and Reiki II courses
in active therapy and inner work




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