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As a certified trauma-sensitive meditation teacher with a daily practice of more than a decade, I can speak endlessly on the benefits of meditation but also how difficult it can be to get started. I’m very much in favour of letting your meditation practice be messy, and honestly, starting somewhere even if it’s for a minute or so, might be a beautiful and realistic place to begin. 

I’ve been lucky enough to partner with some amazing brands on different meditation series’, many of which are free, so if you’re looking for some guided meditations that I’ve done, then scroll down for the links: 

BBC Sounds: The Music & Meditation Podcast
I was so honoured to work with Will Everitt on a new piece of classical music, who composed the soundtrack to my guided meditation, which was then recorded by BBC Concert Orchestra. The meditation is centred around shaping your inner voice and being kind to yourself. 
*Free (sign-up for BBC account or find full podcast on Spotify/Apple)

Happy Place App
It’s such a joy to be part of the Happy Place family and Fearne Cotton has brought together some absolutely incredible practitioners. I have most of my audio meditations, affirmations and reflections on here. 
* One month free trial then monthly subscription

Wild Source
I partnered with holistic skincare brand Wild Source for a series of meditations aimed at having a slow and mindful approach to skincare rituals, that support your skin both inside and out. You can listen via the below links: 
* Free

Beauty Meditation  

Evening Meditation

Self-Love Story 

I created a series of restorative meditations for Rituals, whose home, skin and body brand emphasises mindful moments and soulful living. You can try some listen via the below links:
* Free

10 Minute Connection Boosting Meditation

1 Minute Reset Meditation

Self-love Mirror Meditation  

5 Minute Joyfulness Meditation  

Night-time Skincare Meditation  

Penguin Books
For mental health awareness week, I created this 40 minute meditation for my book publisher, which you can follow along with on Instagram.
* Free