Def. a state of resting after exertion or strain. 


Repose is a digital class for resting into, reflecting on, and responding to…life. Consider it monthly maintenance to sit with the feelings, thoughts and questions that you’re moving through. It’s a space to slow down, honour, and audit the month that has just been, and set yourself up with feel-good perspectives for the month to come.

During class, I’ll share some real-time reflections and observations on what’s happening collectively and within the community. Then we’ll move into a series of practices including written explorations, mindful listening and meditative stillness, with questions and shares to learn and grow from each other. 

Repose is an opportunity to practise greater consistency if you’re committed to caring for yourself, each other and this beautiful planet we call home. It’s a monthly space in your calendar just for you, to lean into deeper self-inquiry, develop more coping strategies, listen to what you really need, and make time to rest. 

This is where we normalise doing less, being present, and feeling more. It's uncomplicated. It’s an exhale. It’s a space for us all to exist together. 


Single Session £15  |  Season Pass £40
Recordings of sessions will be sent to participants.


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"Giselle hits the nail on the head in providing a space to "show up" in her Repose workshops. The way she conducts the space through her own transparency and authenticity gently invites everyone else to take their masks off as well. Among a world where facade seems encouraged, she warmly yet boldly calls attention to the big secret that we're all human beings. No pressure, no exclusivity, no prerequisites, just permission to be exactly as you are in that particular snapshot of your very human experience."


Kat G

From time to time, we can connect IRL at other workshops and event spaces. Here’s where you can join me over the next few months: 


2 march

We always get to begin again. However the year began, whatever our plans and intentions were; we can always begin again. 

In this workshop, we'll be springing into all things Quiet Joy as a way to elevate the everyday and find curiosity, wonder and presence as a tool for remembering the simple and pretty splendid things that make us human. 

We'll begin with a talk on slow living as a balm for urgency and productivity culture, how to do less, be present and feel more and give ourselves the permission to rest (guilt-free). We'll move through a written exploration for some deeper self-inquiry before we let all of that go and settle into a joy-filled meditation to close. There will also be opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversation. 

TIME/DATE: Saturday 2 March, 4pm

LOCATION: 25A Eccleston Pl, London, SW1W


Re:Align - Quiet Joy for Slow Living

Re:mind studio

READY TO go deeper and integrate over the space of a month?

Immerse yourself with In Conversation With Life - 30 Days of Slow Living, a downloadable journey filled with daily and weekly practices, prompts, exercises, playlists, and meditations. Think of it like a daily dose of inspiration to be taken alongside your supplements and morning glass of water, with all the structure you need for sustainable and long-lasting change.



OR, if you want to work together on any specific areas of your life that you'd like some guidance or support on, then let's chat it over in a one to one session. A supportive space to reflect on the big feelings and questions that life brings up.

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